NYE 2013 Stray Dogs Gulf Harbour

Here's the pics from New Years Eve Gulf Harbour Stray Dogs gig.


Gallery after the jump.....

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Morning Walk in Glorious Takapuna

We have discovered since the plane trip that our body clocks have reset and we are waking up at 7am.  So we've decided to make the most of it by starting every day (that we can) with a 40 minute walk past the beach in Takapuna.  So far so good.

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OMG We Went To LA

So, Monique and I planned and planned, well mostly Monique planned and planned and finally we headed off to LA, Long Beach precisely, to attend the amazing wedding of Courtney James and The Todd.

The story is to come but I thought the pictures could speak for now...


Full Gallery after The Jump....

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The Result Of Conscious Choices. The proof is in the pudding!

Hi there!

Monique from GET A LIFE here. Just wanted to share my new passport photos with you and yes - the proof really is in the pudding.  It's amazing for me to see the difference between the 2 photos and I got such a surprise today when I compared them!  I almost don't recognise the person I used to be and it's all a result of conscious choices I have made in my life!

The picture on the left was taken in 2007 when I was still going through the Depression experience and was weighing in at around the 82-84 kilo mark.  My diet consisted of Hamburgers, chips, chocolate, bread, biscuits and lots of comfort food - AND at least a couple of litres a day of Diet Coke.

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The Millennials vs. The Baby Boomers

I found these 2 approaches to The Millennials vs. The Baby Boomers.  

Apparently The baby boomers stuffed up jobs, the planet, the global financial crisis, a couple of nasty wars and outsourcing of America's jobs and the shutdown of the American manufacturing industry while living on the pigs back and being quite prosperous.  All this means that their kids are having a rough time of it with climbing student loan debt, lack of job options and a lower overall rating of happiness in their lives.

Read on for the link to the article and the video......

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Become The Coach Of Your Own Life

Hi there! It's Monique Bradley from GET A LIFE™.

GET A LIFE™ was designed by Pete Ward and myself after many people approached us asking why we were so happy and how we achieved it!  The answer was simple. We both made significant changes in our lives through conscious choices, examining the consequences and reviewing the effects of those choices.  The results have been amazing!  We've both lost weight, changed our appearances, moved away from work we didn't love and no longer served us and now help people become the COACH of their own lives - just like we did!

The mission statement behind GET A LIFE™ is based on a flow chart that looks like this one on the right:IMG 1104

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'Just another manic Monday....Ohhh wohhhh....Wish it were Sunday....Ohhh wohhhh cos that's my fun day....OOHHHH WOOHHHH my I don't have to run dayyyyy...Just another manic Monday.'

A classic 80's hit by one of my favourite 80's Bands, The Bangles. 

Greetings to you chums!  Monique here from GET A LIFE and today I'm talking about turning MANIC MONDAY into MAGIC MONDAY! As I've been working in the entertainment industry for such a long time, the concept of a weekend had become a distant blur and every day seemed to be a new and exciting adventure!  So what would YOU do if there was no weekend or weekday? If EVERY DAY was a play day? What would happen then? READ MORE.....

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Hi there!  It's Monique Bradley here and today I'm sharing my top tips on how to spring clean your mind and get ready for an empowered and exciting life!

I always get very excited at this time of the year as I see the buds start to poke their heads through their winter cover, birds chirp earlier in the mornings and blossoms start to appear!  It really is a time to start fresh and for me is more vibrant and exciting than the celebration of the New Year!  We've endured the colder winter months - always a great time of hibernating, reflecting and reviewing - so now as the weather starts to warm up again it's the perfect time to clear out the inner junk and get ready for the next new and exciting evolution of you! Hello Butterfly! Are you ready to spread your wings??

Here's some of my top tips to help shake off the winter blues, shed the old stories, lose the excuses and get ready to have the most exciting NOW that you can!

So let's start: GET HONEST


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7 Signs You're Dating The Right Person

Here's a great post from Sandy Weiner over at Huffington Post on the idea that if you are struggling with some compatibilities then maybe you need to re-evaluate what is going on in your life.

If you are constantly grated by their comments in public, maybe you have different eating habits or hobbies that keep you apart or simply you may find yourself spending more time apart than together, is that what you were looking for?

I thought it was a great read with some very valid options to consider such as Temperament, Intimacy, Communication Style, Financial and more....

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The easiest way to wealth in my opinion is to know WHO YOU ARE and what makes you tick.

Greetings to you friends! Monique Bradley here from Get A Life and I am - according to Wealth Dynamics - A STAR.

Now people who know me well often go 'Duh' and roll their eyes as I've been a performer and entertainer since a very young age. However, being a performer or
brand ambassador for products is actually part of my 'Wealth Dynamics Profile' - meaning that if I focus on roles that suit my profile, it never feels like work and money flows easily.

Seems too good to be true huh? Actually, it's just good! The beauty of knowing WHO I am means I focus only on jobs that are now my field of expertise and I delegate the stuff which is not. Sure, I'm great at lots of things but some things come easier than others.

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Serendipity and following the signs…

Im a believer in Serendipity and for those of you familiar with the Universal Law Of Attraction - Like attracts like.

Ever wondered about the science behind this statement?

According to Quantum Physics, on a molecular level we are all buzzing protons, neutrons and electrons that emit an electro magnetic charge. If the Law Of Attraction is correct, you attract what you are. Think about it. According to this law, the world around you is an outward reflection or a mirror of that which you are emitting. Do you like what you see OR would you like to make a change? The answer is simple - The change starts with you.

I thrive on floating from serendipitous moment to serendipitous moment as I endeavour to live constantly in a place of peace, joy and happiness and have the most amazing encounters. I saw it happen some months back where people suggested that I should meet a particular celebrity as we would get along famously, to which I replied 'When the time is right, our paths would cross…' And they did. Extraordinary circumstances where we happened to be in the same place at the same time, not just once but several times! Of course, I didn't just 'send it out there to the Universe' - I emitted the thought and took inspired action to be out and about to help Serendipity play it's part.

Another recent alliance happened as I have been working on my business in the field of transformational change. My goal is to help as many people as I can, educating them about the power of conscious choice and Joy Triggers. I was even considering going back to study, looking at a degree in counselling or psychology to really activate the teaching work I'm already doing using peoples language to decipher their inner story- and help them write a new one!  (Read more after the jump)

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Healthy Insides - The Key To A Healthy Outside!

Hi there! It's Monique Bradley here!  Having grown up with a Father who was a homeopath and naturopath, I understand the value of everything we ingest as food, drinks and medicines.  Yes folks - having healthy insides, I believe is the key to having healthy outsides!  It's a no brainer really...I mean - look at all the data that has been released regarding the effects of processed foods, chemicals, colourings and additives that affect the behaviour of children for example!  It makes my mind swirl! 

Well it just so happens that another dear kindred of mine is trying to make a difference: Introducing Shannon Simpson - Creator of Nana Annes Home Remedies!!  

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Hi there!  It's Monique Bradley from GET A LIFE here.

In the immortal words of 80's band The Boomtown Rats 'Tell me why I don't like Mondays....'  As a person with a rather public profession, I never normally suffer from the effects of Monday-itis as my weekends are normally filled with work as a performer, working on an event, coaching, singing or writing. I live, eat, sleep, breathe my passion which gives me energy, drive and excitement to keep going!  I truly feel like I'm in flow all the time - I do what I love and I love what I do!  

While I still had events through the weekend, I took an obligatory rest period like a NORMAL person - however I question who defined normal? I noticed I got a bit be-jiggity as my active brain was saying 'go go go' but my physical body was saying 'rest' so I listened and rested. I do understand the value of rest but when I'm in flow, I personally just like to ride that wave!

Today I got up, feeling like I had achieved nothing and that it was a drag to get out of bed. The day was grey and my normal sunshine demeanour was summed up with a 'GRRR'.  WOW - where did I go? 

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Community Spirit Rising Talent Quest 2013

Monique and I had the pleasure of attending today's (11 Aug 2013) 1st heat for the Community Spirit Rising's 2013 talent quest organised by Robert Edwards.  The final will be held at The Vic Theatre Devonport North Shore on Saturday December 7th.

Monique was able to bring to bear all her years of training and experience to help the contestants with advice as a celebrity judge along with Dave Rhodes from Depot Studio and I too was asked to fill in as the third judge was a no show.

Here's some info:

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Becoming A Winner Part 10 - Finding your life path and Andy Warhol.

Hi there!  It's Monique Bradley from GET A LIFE.

It has become increasingly more obvious to me as I'm working with my coaching and clarity clients that many people feel like they're not following their life path - hence, they feel like a big fat LOSER.....Know the feeling?  To be honest, I've known it well and considering I am an intuitive worker as well, there have been many times that I have consulted other intuitives, clairvoyants, mediums and the like outside of my own experience for clarity.  Some have been great......and some have been crack pots, giving me no actual advice or clarity other than reading my thoughts and confirming what I already know. Waste of time really when I could have just trusted MY OWN INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM! (I just somehow got a little disconnected...)

Andy Warhol is a funny character. I have listened to my partner Pete quote him several times and delighted in the stories. Andy Warhol was a creative, eccentric genius espousing statements such as: 

“Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it's good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”

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Feeling Less Than Fabulous?  Time For A GET A LIFE AUDIT!

Hey there!  It's Monique Bradley here and I'M COMING OUT!  Yes - you heard it here folks.....

I've spent many years feeling less than fabulous, going through the motions and generally feeling dis-engaged from my own life.  It's almost like I have watched my life like a movie and to be honest, it's not the funnest place to be.  Some time ago I watched the Ellen DeGeneres show and saw these two gorgeous girls, Sophia Grace and Rosie - full of life, excitement and joy!  I looked at Sophia Grace - who reminded me of myself as a child and questioned 'OMG - where the *$@% have I gone?' And this was the turning point which has lead to me discovering and implementing amazing strategies that have not only conquered 20 years of crippling anxiety, eating disorders and what I call the depressive experience BUT have CREATED the best life and the best experience yet!

SO: are you feeling less than fabulous?

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Becoming a Winner Part 9 - The Power Of Effective Storytelling

Storytelling....We do it all the time. Winners are very particular about the stories they tell others as they are aware of the power of words and the effective storytelling used to construct the life they really want.  Take that all in, inhale that knowledge and let it sink in. Now on with todays thoughts: WE ARE ALL STORYTELLERS.

Ring a friend.

"You'll never guess what happened today....OMG...what a drama...'

We are surrounded by stories where ever we go - from billboards to street signs to the cars we choose or the clothes we wear.  We live stories. We ARE stories.

What I've learnt over my now 40 years of incredible experience is that all of the stories we know are either told to us, indoctrinated in us or created by us and it's those stories that we tell over and over again that become the beliefs that we hold onto and thus shape our values that we use to live our lives and make our decisions.

Wow....I need a cup of tea and a lie down!  

Read more after the jump

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Happiness is a fresh pastry - Patisserie Vaniye - Parnell.

Hi there!  It's Monique Bradley - The High Tea Queen here *waves regally* and I'm sharing a little of todays adventure in Parnell.

I'm a firm believer that we rush too much.  I'm a perfect example - doing too much for too many people all the time leaves me feeling pretty flat. So I've been adding my own joy triggers into my everyday experience.  Today I was relishing in the delight of sitting and enjoying something beautiful to eat and drink. Fresh croissant and coffee - a totally delectable experience. 

I discovered Patisserie Vaniye last week as Pete Ward and I were roaming through Parnell, one of my fav places in Auckland.  This wee cafe is a delightful and elegant experience with so many beautiful treats that it was as visually exciting as the treat for the taste buds!

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Hey there!  Monique from Get A LIFE!  Todays ideas are about the pursuit of happiness.

I see so many people living in what I call 'movie mode' - not fully engaging with their lives and feeling like they just exist. Sound familiar?

Happiness seems to be based in the future, in the past or brought about by a series of conditions: wealth, marriage, babies etc.

I fully believe however that happiness is an inside job. It's not something you experienced back in '82 or something you can potentially achieve once you lose 20 pounds or land that dream job...They can give you a momentary flutter of joy or excitement, but what happens after that 'honeymoon period' is over?

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Hi there!   Monique Bradley from Get A Life here!  Nothing says 'LOVE' like a freshly made cupcake. Let me explain.....

Today is a special day in our household as my darling bestie and 'sharer of the NOW' Pete Ward is celebrating his birthday. As a surprise, instead of the usual cupcakes, I ordered a selection of Red Velvet Cupcakes from Frangipani Cupcakes and these were promptly delivered at 11 a.m.  Delicious, satisfying (especially for a sugar lover like me) and BEAUTIFULLY presented, I was amazed at the communication, the service and that they were so accommodating to my needs - personalising the cupcakes for Pete's special day.

Birthday's seem to bring about a lot of anxiety for so many people. In astrological terms, they refer to it as a 'Solar Return' as they planetary ruler of your own chart returns to it's starting position.  The month prior I personally always experience a round up or review of the previous year -  celebrate my wins and grieve over my losses and start thinking about what I want to create within my next Solar year.  I see this happening for so many people who arrive at 'Birth Day' and feel a little flat or depressed. It's almost like the whole 'getting ready for the prom' experience - so much lead up to the day, culling of the outfits that aren't right, makeup trials, hair trials, suit trials and the like - till you finally get there and go 'so this is it?'.  Birthdays in my experience seem to be similar and I know I'm not alone in this.  For me this year turning 40, I went through a bit of that grief feeling.  'What have I NOT achieved' seemed to be a bigger picture than all the great successes and amazing experiences I've had. It got to the point where I pulled myself up for my 'Eeyore' moment and decided to cut myself some slack - nobody really wants to come to a pity party right?  

My birthday party this year was extraordinary.  (You can check out the photos on this site.)

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